Sentence Examples

  • It was insidious in onset, caused by infection, infarction or insufficient insulin.
  • In some individuals, anaphylaxis can occur with exercise, plasma exchange, hemodialysis, reaction to insulin, radiocontrast media used in certain types of medical tests, and on rare occasions during the administration of local anesthetics.
  • The condition is often associated with the development of Type 1 diabetes mellitus (Type 1 DM) or juvenile onset diabetes.Diabetes causes elevated blood sugar levels in your blood due to deficient insulin production within your pancreas.
  • Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease in which the body is not able to correctly process glucose for cell energy due to either an insufficient amount of the hormone insulin or a physical resistance to the insulin the body does produce.
  • The cinnamon may work by affecting blood sugar, activating certain enzymes like glycogen synthase and kinase (insulin receptor), resulting in increased insulin sensitivity and overall, improving the body's capacity to store glucose.