Sentence Examples

  • Campgrounds include Bullocksville, County Line, Henderson Point, Hibernia, Kimball Point, Nutbush Bridge, and Satterwhite Point.
  • HIBERNIA, in ancient geography, one of the names by which Ireland was known to Greek and Roman writers.
  • Eriu was itself almost certainly a contraction from a still more primitive form Iberiu or Iveriu; for when the name of the island was written in ancient Greek it appeared as Iovcpvia (Ivernia), and in Latin as Iberio, Hiberio or Hibernia, the first syllable of the word Eriu being thus represented in the classical languages by two distinct vowel sounds separated by b or v.
  • The chief places of production are Hibernia (Morris county) and Mt Pleasant (Hunterdon county); in 1907 four mines in the state produced 316,236 tons.
  • Morley (1890); Fynes Moryson, History of Ireland (1735); Thomas Stafford, Pacata Hibernia (1810); and R.

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