Sentence Examples

  • In one source the great heresiarch Pelagius is stated to have been a Scot.
  • Father Cahier would even trace the book to Tatian, and it is true that that heresiarch mentions a writing of his own upon animals.
  • Bishop of Mesopotamia, and the Heresiarch Manes" ("Acta Disputationis Archelai Episcopi Mesopotamiae et Manetis Haeresiarchae," in Routh's Reliquiae Sacrae 2, v.
  • In 1125 the Church in the south of Russia had to combat another heresiarch named Dmitri.
  • HENRY OF LAUSANNE (variously known as of Bruys, of Cluny, of Toulouse, and as the Deacon), French heresiarch of the first half of the 12th century.