Sentence Examples

  • ELIZABETH [Elisabeth Philippine Marie Helene of] (1764-1794), commonly called Madame Elizabeth, daughter of Louis the Dauphin and Marie Josephine of Saxony, and sister of Louis XVI., was born at Versailles on the 3rd of May 1764.
  • Helene there are very few reflections of this kind and the emperor appears in a guise far more life-like.
  • De Montholon, Recits de la captivite de l'empereur Napoleon a Ste Helene (2 vols., Paris, 1847); Comte E.
  • De Las Cases, Memorial de Ste Helene (4 vols., London and Paris, 1823); Lady Malcolm, A Diary of St Helena (London, 1899); W.
  • Santini's Appeal to the British Nation (London, 1817) and the Manuscrit venu de Ste Helene d'une maniere inconnue (London, 1817) are forgeries.