Sentence Examples

  • The legendary founder of the city was Helenus, son of Priam, and Virgil (Aen.
  • When Neoptolemus was slain at Delphi, he left his wife and kingdom to Helenus, the brother of Hector (Virgil, Aen.
  • He was brought up by his grandfather Lycomedes in the island of Scyros, and taken to Troy in the last year of the war by Odysseus, since Helenus had declared that the city could not be captured without the aid of a descendant of Aeacus.
  • When Diomede is at the height of his Aristeia Helenus says (Il.
  • HELENUS, in Greek legend, son of Priam and Hecuba, and twin-brother of Cassandra.