Sentence Examples

  • Needless to say, waterproof mascara is a heaven-sent product for women everywhere, regardless of whether or not she's prone to a few tears every now and then.
  • In that case, it can even be worn on its own - it's heaven-sent for on-the-go women in search of quick beauty products that don't require too much effort.
  • To the middle classes of the 17th century he seemed a heaven-sent philosopher and guide, and was only less popular than Francis Quarles the poet.
  • To astrological politics we owe the theory of heaven-sent rulers, instruments in the hands of Providence, and saviours of society.
  • By the vehemence of his rhetoric, by the fervour of his grandiose schemes for the remaking of China at the time of the revolution, he captured the imagination of considerable sections of the public, especially in the United States; but his subsequent career failed to justify his own belief in himself as a heaven-sent reformer.