Sentence Examples

  • It may not seem sensible to spend more money on a food product just because it's organic, but many people, including health-food advocates and those who are concerned about environmental impact, believe organics are a wise choice.
  • Before you place an order with a national or local delivery organization, check with grocery stores, health-food markets, and restaurants in your area to see if they offer delivery or pick-up options.
  • Next to dairy protein powder, often referred to as whey protein powder, soy protein is the most common type and is readily available online, in health-food stores, and even in some grocery stores.
  • So between a rapidly growing Internet community and the support of many large chain health-food stores like Whole Foods, a motivated individual can adjust to this lifestyle change quite easily.
  • Dozens of free recipes for fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies are available on various Web sites, at health-food stores, in library volumes, and in cookbooks.