Sentence Examples

  • Erica Kane's controversial abortion in 1973 because she didn't want to ruin her figure or her modeling career not only snagged headlines, but marked a daytime first that even retconning in the early part of the 21st century can't change.
  • You would think the first arrest for lewd acts would have taught the singer to keep his pants on, but in July 2006, George again made headlines, this time for reportedly enjoying a romp in a public park with a 58-year-old van driver.
  • No. After the publicity of her weight-loss died down, Smith really only made headlines when it came to her unusual behavior in public, a lawsuit with TrimSpa, the paternity of her daughter or the death of her son.
  • The headlines refer to the actresses in most cases, although in others they refer to the ongoing speculation of what show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino intended for the final four words of the series.
  • Kate's bikini bod made headlines and her now infamous tummy tuck was the subject of several magazine cover stories during her early summer beach jaunt will all eight of her kids minus her hubby Jon.