Sentence Examples

  • First, the new console utilizes a "Cell" processor, which can simultaneously run multiple tasks at 3.2 GHz, allowing the console to display finer detailed graphics (ideal for an HDTV) and greatly improve gameplay performance.
  • You'll scour the ads and websites from multiple online retailers finding the best discount on the item you want, whether it be your child's most wanted toy, your grandmother's first laptop or an HDTV for yourself.
  • If you have a PC with a DV-I port (it's an off-white port with a lot of tiny holes) and the HDTV includes one, then plugging your PC into the TV will give you the option to do some computing from your couch!
  • Expectations among consumers are very high for this technology; be sure to view a TV that receives HDTV signals so that you know what you will be seeing when you finally turn your new HDTV on.
  • HDMI cables are the best cables to purchase because they provide both an HD signal and HD sound, provide you are utilizing the HDMI port on any equipment you are attaching to the HDTV.