Sentence Examples

  • You will, however, still have to pay a fair price for the HD-DVD, as HD-DVD format owners were allowed to trade in their discs for Blu-ray discs or purchase Blu-ray discs at a discount when the HD-DVD format finally went under.
  • You might also put out an ad in a local newspaper or classified ad website announcing that you are interested in purchasing old copies of HD-DVD. eBay is another place that you can still purchase HD-DVDs.
  • If you are looking online, the best thing to do is to start with a search for the film you are looking for and narrow it down to a place that still has it in the HD-DVD format.
  • This means that you cannot get any films released after the February 2008 surrender of HD-DVD in the HD-DVD format, but you can find them on Blu-ray.
  • Unfortunately, purchasing the HD-DVD peripheral for the Xbox won't do you much good since the disc format is not being supported anymore.