Sentence Examples

  • Grub Street elegies on the almanac maker were hawked about London.
  • His overlord claimed to dispose of his crown, and hawked it about among the princes of the West.
  • On a larger scale speeches written by orators to be delivered by litigants were published and encouraged publication; and, as the Attic orators were his contemporaries, publication had become pretty common in the time of Aristotle, who speaks of many bundles (Skaas) of judicial speeches by Isocrates being hawked about by the booksellers (Fragm.
  • Hawked his indulgences round Europe to raise fui~ds which would enable him to gratify his artistic tastes.
  • In Ventose and Germinal he published, under the nom de plume of "Lalande, soldat de la patrie," a new paper, the Eclaireur du peuple, ou le defenseur de vingi-cinq millions d'opprimes, which was hawked clandestinely from group to group in the streets of Paris.

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