Sentence Examples

  • In her search, Alice encounters many strange things: a cranky caterpillar smoking a hookah, a mad hatter and a march hare having an "unbirthday" party, and a Cheshire Cat, whose smile often appears well before he does.
  • The expression "mad as a hatter" comes from the mercury poisoning prevalent in seventeenth-century France among hat makers who soaked animal hides in a solution of mercuric nitrate to soften the hair.
  • Alice in Wonderland fans will be mad as a Hatter for the large selection of Alice-inspired jewelry, especially Tom Binns' artistic designs.
  • The Hatter needs only his distinctive hat and a coat, while the Rabbit should have white ears, a waistcoat, coat and pocket-watch.
  • Whether you want to have a Mad Hatter tea party or just need a special hat, paper bags are a great place to start.