Sentence Examples

  • If you know how to cross-stitch (or know someone that does), then support your hardcore video game addiction -- especially if it's for old school gaming -- by having sprite art on pillows and purses.
  • Even the most hardcore global warming skeptic is usually impressed by a few basic energy conservation facts, simply because a lot of tips for saving energy are also cost effective, both on the personal and business levels.
  • However, truTV is quick to point out that Hardcore Pawn was already in production when Pawn Stars debuted and that the time slot is simply because the network wanted to tie the show in with existing hit Operation Repo.
  • It may have started out with a bigger focus on "hardcore" gamers, but Microsoft has since expanded to include casual games, family games, and all sorts of other genres for gamers of all ages and experience levels.
  • Again there are additional game modes that provide a different take on the classic Tetris formula, but it's the original style of gameplay that is by far the most popular among both hardcore and casual gamers.