Sentence Examples

  • Children should be cautioned not to place wheels near their hair, fingers or clothing, as they can become tangled in the wheels or pinched between the wheel and the hamster body.
  • You can watch how each hamster reacts differently to each area of the toy, and how they zoom around and seemingly make decisions on their own as to where to go and what to do.
  • The skin of the hamster is of some value, and its flesh is used as food.
  • HAMSTER, a European mammal of the order Rodentia, scientifically known as Cricetus frumentarius (or C. cicetus), and belonging to the mouse tribe, Muridae, in which it typifies the sub-family Cricetinae.
  • The burrow of the young hamster is only about a foot in depth, while that of the adult descends 4 or 5 ft.