Sentence Examples

  • For example, the Half-Yearly Sale for Men at Nordstrom is held in mid-June and late December; both sales are packed with great deals on clothes and accessories to see you through the year in style.
  • The Extreme and Erotic sections require a membership fee; subscriptions are available on a monthly and half-yearly basis.
  • In Germany it was decided by the concordat of Constance, in 1418, that bishoprics and abbacies should pay the servitia according to the valuation of the Roman chancery in two half-yearly instalments.
  • For other sources see articles "Bohmische-Bruder" and "Zinzendorf" in Hauck's Realencyklopaedie; and for latest results of historical research, Zeitschrift fur Briidergeschichte (half-yearly).
  • The borough treasurer is required to make up his accounts half-yearly, and to submit them, with the necessary vouchers and papers, to the borough auditors.