Sentence Examples

  • Also Angelopoulos, Hepi IIecpauas Hai rcov Xtgivcov ai)rou (Athens, 1898).
  • WEI-HAI-WEI, a British naval and coaling station, on the N.E.
  • Port Arthur having in the spring of that year been acquired by the Russian government under a lease from China, a similar lease was granted of Wei-hai-wei to the British government,.
  • Chinese war-vessels are at liberty to use the anchorage, notwithstanding the lease; and Chinese jurisdiction may continue to be exercised within the walled city of Wei-hai-wei, so far as not inconsistent with military requirements.
  • Wei-hai-wei was made the headquarters of a native Chinese regiment in the pay of Great Britain, and organized and led by British officers; but this regiment was disbanded in 1902.