Sentence Examples

  • Enemies usually run away as soon as they see a grenade, so as soon as you toss one, you can shoot it with your gun to make it explode (accuracy isn't even that important).
  • To add insult to injury, it's flame proof and can and will bounce through any opposing grenade or rocket launcher blasts intact until it reaches and blasts its target.
  • Those who want to own a piece of pop culture may be able to once again with the special edition collection of Frogskins done in styles such as Grenade.
  • The grenade launcher might seem like an intimidating weapon, but if you use it against someone, it will hardly do any damage unless you hit that person directly.
  • Once the grenade is within a decent blast radius of the opponent, its ribcage light then turns red and blasts them with a blinding white light that sends the opponent falling down rag doll physics style.