Sentence Examples

  • The Digestive Blend contains bean extracts and powders, enzymatic powders such as bromelain (derived from the pineapple) and papain (derived from the papaya), soy and herbs such as milk thistle, a liver cleansing herb.
  • So it's probably just as well to keep the Scentsy Tropical Collection away from the Fall & Winter assortment, as the fragrances of pineapple and pine tree tend to negate the romance of their respective seasons.
  • The pineapple is the most favoured by Cubans.
  • Natasha only desisted when she had been told that there would be pineapple ice.
  • Among fruit trees, besides the wild fruits already mentioned, are the pineapple, mango, papua, guava, grenadilla, rose apple, custard apple, soursop, loquat, naartje, shaddock and citrous fruits.