Sentence Examples

  • When he came near the tombs, he drew some water with which he washed the gravestones, afterwards anointing them with perfume; he then sacrificed the bull on the altar calling upon Zeus Chthonios and Hermes Psychopompos, and inviting them in company with the heroes to the festival of blood.
  • Gravestones in this region as late as the 4th century curse violators in the old Phrygian speech.
  • There may seem to be a great abundance of Egyptian monuments, but they have to cover an enormous space of time, and even in the periods which are best represented, gravestones recording the names of private persons with a prayer or two are scarcely material for history.
  • Further examination of towers in the town wall of Pagasae (or Demetrias) led to the discovery of many more painted gravestones, like those first found in 1907.
  • 3 The heraldic type continues on gravestones down to the latest period of paganism.