Sentence Examples

  • Galileo's answer, written, as he said himself, currente calamo, was an exposition of a formal theory as to the relations of physical science to Holy Writ, still further developed in an elaborate apology addressed by him in the following year (1614) to Christina of Lorraine, dowager grand-duchess of Tuscany.
  • It may be said once and for all that her most trusted agents while she was still grand-duchess, and her chief ministers when she became empress, were also her lovers, and were known to be so.
  • The only child of the marriage, a little grand-duchess, died on the 12th of May 1808; and their common sorrow drew husband and wife closer together.
  • In the vicinity is the Rosenhdhe, with the mausoleum of the ducal house, with the tomb of the grand-duchess Alice, daughter of Queen.
  • Alice Maud Mary, Grand-duchess of Hesse-Darmstadt >>