Sentence Examples

  • If the gold-leaf is unelectrified, it is not acted upon by the two plates placed at equal distances on either side of it, but if its potential is raised or lowered it is attracted by one disk and repelled by the other, and the displacement becomes a measure of its potential.
  • The collapse of the gold-leaf is observed through an aperture in the case by a miscroscope, and the time taken by the goldleaf to fall over a certain distance is proportional to the ionizing current, that is, to the intensity of the radio-activity of the substance.
  • In the dry pile electrometer a single gold-leaf is hung up between two plates which are connected to the opposite terminals of a dry pile so that a certain constant difference of potential exists between these plates.
  • Let two spherical pith balls of radius r and weight W, covered with gold-leaf so as to be conducting, be suspended by parallel silk threads of length 1 so as just to touch each other.
  • A metal box has a metal strip B suspended from a block or insulator by means of a bit of sulphur or amber S, and to it is fastened a strip of gold-leaf L.