Sentence Examples

  • Since video games for the PC can cost anywhere from twenty to sixty dollars, the advent of free kids' games online is a proverbial godsend to parents as well as their children.
  • Big and tall men's stores are a godsend for those guys who need sizes XL and up (sometimes up to 10XL) or those who need extra long sleeve lengths, shirt lengths, and inseams.
  • With soft soles and flexible styles, these shoes are the staple godsend of frenetic secretaries, busy corporate executives, and active soccer moms who still possess a flair for fashion.
  • Episode spoilers are a Godsend for diehard 7th Heaven fans who missed the series when it originally aired from 1996 to 2007 on the WB and CW television networks.
  • Known as a godsend within the homeopathic community, this home remedy for poison ivy can bring you a fast and easy solution to your condition.