Sentence Examples

  • For example, if you have previously purchased a Miele vacuum cleaner bag in the style G or N paper bag design, you may now need to choose the Style GN Hyclean bags.
  • GN Insurance offers a wide variety of senior travel insurance policies from their four major international health insurance companies.
  • The moment of inertia of the body about the axis, denoted by But if is the moment of inertia of the body about a mean diameter, and w the angular velocity about it generated by an impluse couple M, and M' is the couple required to set the surrounding medium in motion, supposed of effective radius of gyration k', If the shot is spinning about its axis with angular velocity p, and is precessing steadily at a rate about a line parallel to the resultant momentum F at an angle 0, the velocity of the vector of angular momentum, as in the case of a top, is C i pµ sin 0- C2µ 2 sin 0 cos 0; (4) and equating this to the impressed couple (multiplied by g), that is, to gN = (c 1 -c 2)c2u 2 tan 0, (5) and dividing out sin 0, which equated to zero would imply perfect centring, we obtain C21 2 cos 0- (c 2 -c 1)c2u 2 sec 0 =o.
  • Amphibolite Gn.
  • Ter ?, (-- �?s'`4" Gn Metamorphic Rocks Subalpine Alagelfluh Rigi Ter Jr Schiichenthal Cretaceous & Eocene Range A Aar Massif Gotthard Massif,, ',�?'