Sentence Examples

  • Ladies and men's models offer stylish construction and cutting edge technology such as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) indicators, 100 hour power reserves, calendars, and Opaline dials to keep you up to date no matter where you travel.
  • Buyers can choose from chronograph styles, with tiny dials to measure small time periods, quartz, chronometers, and GMT watches for travelers that make it easy to tell what time it is back home.
  • Street Kings, 2008: Keanu Reeves portrays a troubled Los Angeles police officer who relies on the Rolex GMT Master II to keep him several steps ahead of his would-be assassins.
  • It features the same brown dial and other details available with the original GMT, only supported by a sleek steel strap and case for a more homogenous design flow.
  • Tambour Automatic GMT--Yellow Gold: Louis Vuitton designers took the brown dial Automatic GMT and classed it up a notch by crafting the case from fine yellow gold.