Sentence Examples

  • In this philosophy the mystical properties of numbers are a leading feature; absurd and mechanical notions are glossed over with the sheen of sacramental mystery; myths are explained by pious fancies and fine-sounding pietistic reflections; miracles, even the most ridiculous, are believed in, and miracles are wrought.
  • The colours range from deep black to pure white, passing through chestnut or bay, and many tints of brown or ashy-grey, while often the feathers are more or less closely barred with some darker shade, and the black is very frequently glossed with violet, blue or green - or, in addition, spangled with white grey or gold-colour.
  • Of these " glossed Psalters " twelve MSS.
  • The Roman Psalter is glossed in the following MSS.: (I) Cotton Vesp. A.
  • In the course of the 10th century the Gospels were glossed and translated.