Sentence Examples

  • In combination with calcium sulphate, it constitutes the mineral glauberite or brongniartite, Na2S04 CaS041 which assumes forms belonging to the monoclinic system and occurs in Spain and Austria.
  • Hydrated sulphates occur at several localities in the province of Madrid and in other provinces of Spain, and at Miihlingen in Aargau, and copious deposits of glauberite, the double sulphate of sodium and calcium, are met with in the salt-mines of Villarrubia in Spain, at Stassfurt, and in the province of Tarapaca, Chile, &c. A native nitrate of soda is obtained in great abundance in the district of Atacama and the province of Tarapaca, and is imported into Europe in enormous quantities as cubic nitre for the preparation of saltpetre.