Sentence Examples

  • Ten thousand gladiators are said to have perished in the arena, and eleven thousand beasts were killed in the contests.
  • The House of the Faun), and the colonnade round the forum, the basilica, the temples of Apollo and Jupiter, the large theatre with the colonnades of the Foro Triangolare, and the barracks of the gladiators, the Stabian baths, the Palaestra, the exterior of the Porta Marina, and the interior of the other gates - all the public buildings indeed (except the Doric temple mentioned under (t), which do not belong to the time of the Roman colony).
  • In Rome he was patron of gladiators, as of athletes in Greece.
  • At the same time Commodus, proud of his bodily strength and dexterity, exhibited himself in the arena, slew wild animals and fought with gladiators, and commanded that he should be worshipped as the Roman Hercules.
  • Adjoining the theatres is a large rectangular enclosure, surrounded by a portico, at first the colonnade connected with the theatres, and converted, about the time of Nero, into the barracks of the gladiators, who were permanently maintained in the city with a view to the shows in the amphitheatre.