Sentence Examples

  • A transparent GIF is an image file where the background of the image is transparent, and therefore the edges of the image conform to the shape of the image itself, rather than having a rectangular background surrounding the image.
  • Icons - Used for interface design or just to spruce up your desktop, these free icons are usually gotten by right-clicking and saving the images to your desktop in .ico, .bmp, or .gif format.
  • The images are in .gif format, and you can choose from one that says "Luau" and features a small image of a hula dancer or two that each have palm trees.
  • If you aren't that creative or don't know your PNG from your GIF, then you will find many shops that offer custom design and personalization services.
  • It also features four different formats for obtaining the music including PDF, GIF, ABC and Midi files to give an aural reference for the player.