Sentence Examples

  • Endowed with a handsome face and manly figure, he studied the delivery and gestures of the most distinguished advocates in the Forum, especially Q.
  • Judging by the accounts of those who saw it, and the fragmentary evidences which remain, the tumultuous medley of men -and horses, and the expressions of martial fury and despair, must have been conceived and rendered with a mastery not less commanding than had been the looks and gestures of bodeful sorrow and soul's perplexity among the quiet company on the convent wall at Milan.
  • Logan had seemed off in hindsight, his gestures unnatural and his talk stilted.
  • His voice was strong and carried far, he had little grace of delivery, and his gestures were often violent.
  • He asked me to indicate as far as I could the gestures and action that should go with the lines.