Sentence Examples

  • The beautiful chapel of St Gertrude was unfortunately destroyed in 1842.
  • 1847) had in 1879 written a solitary novel, Gertrude Coldbjornsen, which created a sensation, and was hailed by Brandes as exactly representing the " naturalism " which he desired to see encouraged; but Skram has written little else of importance.
  • "GERTRUDE MARGARET LOWTHIAN BELL (1868-), English traveller and geographer, was born at Washington, Durham, July 14 1868, the eldest daughter of Sir T.
  • ARTHUR CHICHESTER, CHICHESTER OF BELFAST Baron (1563-1625), lord-deputy of Ireland, second son of Sir John Chichester of Raleigh, Devonshire, by Gertrude, daughter of Sir William Courtenay of Powderham, was born at Raleigh in May 1563, and was educated at Exeter College, Oxford.
  • Peace was made at Frankfort in May 1142, when Henry the Lion, son of Henry the Proud, was confirmed in the duchy of Saxony, while Bavaria was given to Conrad's step-brother Henry Jasomirgott, margrave of Austria, who married Gertrude, the widow of Henry the Proud.