Sentence Examples

  • Abigail, the "waiting gentlewoman," in Beaumont and Fletcher's Scornful Lady).
  • Four years after her death the king privately wedded a handsome young gentlewoman, Christina Munk, by whom he had twelve children, - a connexion which was to be disastrous to Denmark.
  • She was a bride of only seventeen and was related to the royal house; yet, as his Catholic biographer put it, "by sorcery and witchcraft he did so allure that poor gentlewoman that she could not live without him."
  • Returning home, he was disinherited by his father's will, for his marriage with Cornelia (Neeltje) Simons, a portionless gentlewoman.
  • The old countess, waiting for the return of her husband and son, sat playing patience with the old gentlewoman who lived in their house.