Sentence Examples

  • There must be two sets of elevating gears, one which brings the axis of the gun and the sights together on to the target, thus finding the angle of sight and also pointing the axis of the gun at the target, and a second by which, independent of the sight which remains fixed, the elevation due to the range can be given to the gun and read by means of a pointer and dial marked in yards for range.
  • Katie scraped gears and smirked through her hand.
  • The rocking-bar is moved by a rack g into which a pinion on a cross-spindle j gears; the cross-spindle is moved by means of a worm-wheel into which a worm on the longitudinal FIG.
  • Spindle of the hand-wheel gears; one end of the cross-spindle moves the range drum 2'.
  • If a thousand like gears are to be cast, a thousand moulds must be made up, at least to an important extent by hand, for even machine moulding leaves something for careful manipulation by the moulder.