Sentence Examples

  • Such cell-fusions may be partial or complete.
  • Consequently south Palestine has been continuously " Arabized "; and indeed the whole of Syria has been characterized by racial and religious fusions, and by civilization of a singularly syncretic and derived kind, of which the ancient Phoenician is a sufficient example.
  • In chemical laboratories fusions with caustic alkalis are always effected in vessels made of gold or silver, these metals holding out fairly well even in the presence of air.
  • Blowpipes in which oxygen is used as the blast have been manufactured by Fletcher, Russell && Co., and have proved of great service in conducting fusions which require a temperature above that yielded by the air-blowpipe.
  • A tendency to form a distinct deity by combining the attributes of two produced such curious fusions as Milk-`ashtart, Milk-ba'al, Milk-'osir, Eshmunmelqarth, Melqarth-resef, &c. As in the case of art and industries, so in religion the Phoenicians readily assimilated foreign ideas.