Sentence Examples

  • Fra Domenico stepped forward, but neither Rondinelli nor Fri.
  • (Nxe, fri) 3 / 2 =(x+1) 1 / X2, X1 _ =ax 4 +2ax 3 =3(a+b)x 2 +2bx =b, X2 N3= - 8(a+b), weight W, and under no force the C.G.
  • If, on the other hand M is small compared with in, u is nearly equal to unity, and the root1 of (12) are a2=g/(a+b) and fri_-=nigIM.(a~b)/ab, approximately The former root makes 0=4,, nearly; in the corresponding normal mode m oscillates like the bob of a simple pendulum of length a+b.