Sentence Examples

  • Freya Lingerie also has a selection of bras that pair small band sizes with large cup sizes, but again, you'll have to find a store on the website because you can't order directly from
  • The bras from Freya are a good mix of sexy, sophisticated, fun, and playful, so no matter what mood you're in, you should be able to find something.
  • La Perla, Freya, Bahia and Tulipe all make great bras that don't compromise on support.
  • The Freya Supernova Boyshorts can be yours for $60.00.
  • This necklace occurs in the story of the goddess Freya (Frigg), who is said to have caused the battle to conciliate the wrath of Odin at her infidelity, the price paid by her for the possession of the necklace Brisnigamen; again, the light god Heimdal is said to have fought with Loki for the necklace (the sun) stolen by the latter.