Sentence Examples

  • Horne, Geschichte von Frankfurt (4th ed., 1903); H.
  • Through the influence of Conrad Wimpina, rector of Frankfurt, Tetzel was created D.D.
  • Leuckart, Zur Kenntnis des Generationswechsels and der Parthogenesis bei den Insekten (Frankfurt, 1858); N.
  • After visiting Luther at Wittenberg, he settled with his amanuensis William Roy in Cologne, where he had made some progress in printing a 4to edition of his New Testament, when the work was discovered by John Cochlaeus, dean at Frankfurt, who not only got the senate of Cologne to interdict further printing, but warned Henry VIII.
  • The 7th corps thereupon drew back to the Franconian Saale, the 8th to ` Frankfurt, and on the 7th of July the Prussian army was massed about Fulda between them.