Sentence Examples

  • Allowing them to do so will not only foster researching skills (which should be an overarching goal of all of their classes) but it will also encourage a deeper understanding of the culture and ideas of Francophone countries.
  • If you're looking for ways to say I like you in French, you may want to know a lot more French flirting conversational phrases as well as more details on romance and courtship in Francophone countries.
  • You will find that the most basic phrases that will allow you to function on a daily basis in a Francophone country are the ones you learn the fastest because you will practice them constantly.
  • Finding people to speak French with is not at all difficult if you are willing to take online courses or join online communities, track down francophone neighbors, and are willing to travel.
  • To be fluent in French, you eventually have to move beyond the standard greetings and tourist vocabulary and learn the colloquial French words and phrases that hint at a true Francophone.