Sentence Examples

  • " Ceux qui ont cru que le coeur etoit le premier forme, se sont trompes; ceux qui disent que c'est le sang se trompent aussi: tout est forme en meme temps.
  • See D'Arbois de Jubainville, Les Druides et les dieux celtiques a forme d'animaux (Paris, 1906), and Introduction a l'e'tude de la litterature celtique (Paris, 1883); P. W.
  • Hermite expresses the quintic in a forme-type in which the constants are invariants and the variables linear covariants.
  • Rubini, Teoria delle forme in generale, e specialmente delle binarie (Leue, 1886); E.
  • The word " form " is also applied to certain definite objects: in printing a body of type secured in a chase for printing at one impression (" form " or " forme "); a bench without a back, such as is used in schools (perhaps to be compared with O.