Sentence Examples

  • The form-fitting uniforms of professional football players don't allow for much layering, but something is demanded during a cold game and so many players turned to pantyhose over the years - not mentioning it in public, of course.
  • Fit For You full support lace bra: If you have a problem with bras that cut into your back, leaving an unattractive bulge under form-fitting clothes, this bra promises to eliminate that problem with its sew-free bonded wing.
  • Seamless or t-shirt bras: Seamless bras, often referred to as t-shirt bras, are designed from smooth materials that are meant to be worn under form-fitting materials, knits or t-shirts and provide a smooth appearance.
  • In maternity photography, clothing is often optional, but at the very least, you should consider wearing something that is form-fitting or made of a lightweight material, so your stomach will not be camouflaged.
  • Leg width: Some trunks are designed to be more form-fitting than others and may be uncomfortably tight around the thighs, while others may be too baggy and prone to twisting or bubbling for individual tastes.