Sentence Examples

  • The plan of Shakespeare's Stratford at least is preserved, for the road crossing Clopton's bridge is an ancient highway, and forks in the midst of the town into three great branches, about which the village grew up. The high cross no longer stands at the marketplace where these roads converged.
  • Above sea-level, and lies at the junction of the two forks of the Black river, each of which falls about 50 ft.
  • Of this operation, and of the forks and rakes and the haymaking there is a very good account.
  • Tables, knives, forks and other prandial apparatus were as lacking as they were in the palaces of kings a few centuries before.
  • The northern part of the town, Sangley Point (one of the two forks of the main peninsula), is the principal coaling station of the U.S. fleet in Asiatic waters.