Sentence Examples

  • Discount stores offer plain or minimalist flatware designs, while department stores (typically those with bridal registries, since flatware is a frequent wedding gift for newlywed couples) have a wider range of design and setting options.
  • The majority of flatware and silverware is solid stainless steel, though there are variations that have handles made of plastic, mother of pearl or a composite material, while the working end of the flatware is still stainless steel.
  • Whether you are looking for high quality cookware, flatware, specialty products such as popcorn poppers and bread makers, or high end state of the art culinary equipment, Cuisinart has a product line to meet your diverse needs.
  • Flatware is one of the most utilized items in the home, and most flatware is composed of durable stainless steel, an alloy composed of steel, chromium and nickel for rust-resistant and luster properties.
  • Flatware is one of the few items that a dinner table cannot do without, but knowing how to buy flatware can be a challenge when consumers are confronted with a wide array of styles, settings, and prices.