Sentence Examples

  • Everything foreboded an outbreak.
  • Hajjaj foreboded evil, and prayed eagerly that he might die before Walid.
  • On the 21st of July took place the first battle of Bull Run (q.v.) between McDowell and Beauregard, fought by the raw troops of both sides with an obstinacy that foreboded the desperate battles of subsequent campaigns.
  • In the Danubian campaign of 1809 he succeeded; but the stubborn defence of Austria, the heroic efforts of the Tirolese and the spasmodic efforts which foreboded a national rising in Germany, showed that the whole aspect of affairs was changing, even in central Europe, where rulers and peoples had hitherto been as wax under the impress of his will.
  • Burke did not content himself with pointing out speculatively the evils which he foreboded for the French.

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