Sentence Examples

  • In them is foreshadowed all that he afterwards worked out in metaphysics, psychology, ethics and aesthetics.
  • The spark recorder in some respects foreshadowed the more perfect instrument - the siphon recorder - which was introduced some years later.
  • 5 An imperial rescript of 10th of June 1902 foreshadowed a reorganization of secondary education, and an imperial ukaz of 15th of March 1903 laid down the lines on which this was to proceed..
  • It was not till he was about seventeen that he took an active part in the administration, and one of his first acts foreshadowed his future policy: he insisted on the metropolitan crowning him, not as grand-prince of Muscovy, but as tsar of all Russia (1547).
  • The enormous programme of constitutional reform foreshadowed in the manifesto had to be elaborated in haste by Count Witte, the minister of the interior, under circumstances by no means promising.