Sentence Examples

  • Bloch is a well-known name in the world of fancy footwork and the company outfits some of the busiest feet on the planet with a full line of quality shoes that keeps wearers leaping high and tapping in rhythm.
  • In fact, until the second repeat of the chorus If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it almost all of the movement vocabulary is reminiscent of the isolations, footwork and costumes of jazz dance.
  • Described as American Idol for those with fancy footwork, the show features young and vibrant aspiring dancers, some of whom are complete amateurs, and others who have already won a few competitions.
  • The footwork for the foxtrot is a bit tricky - in fact, people who are learning the "basic" step will look at experienced dancers and wonder if they are actually dancing the same dance.
  • Demo videos showcase the instructors as they demonstrate a particular step, showing it from multiple perspectives so both men and women can get a feel for the appropriate footwork.