Sentence Examples

  • For dry situations almond stocks are preferable, but they are not long-lived, while for damp or clayey foams it is better to use certain kinds of plums. Double-working is sometimes beneficial; thus an almond budded on a plum stock may be rebudded with a tender peach, greatly to the advantage of the latter.
  • The river Darro, which foams through a deep ravine on the north, divides the plateau from the Albaicin district of Granada; the Assabica valley, containing the Alhambra Park, on the west and south, and beyond this valley the almost parallel ridge of Monte Mauror, separate it from the Antequeruela district.
  • Although these are the most obvious characters of life, they cannot be detected in quiescent seeds, which we know to be alive, and they are displayed in a fashion very like life by inorganic foams brought in contact with liquids of different composition.
  • Biitschli, Investigations on Microscopic Foams and Protoplasm (Eng.
  • The liquor foams up owing to agitation by the finely divided streams of gas, and is brought into close contact with it.