Sentence Examples

  • The materials depend on the strap style, but include cotton and spandex for the fabric straps (found in many conventional bras), transparent polyurethane for the clear straps, and nickel-free silver for the Elite jewelry straps.
  • If you happen to get any of the sticky polyurethane foam on something that should have been covered, clean the area immediately with acetone, paint thinner or nail polish remover if the surface of the area is unfinished.
  • In addition to the sturdy titanium case and polyurethane strap, this model offers a digital compass that updates on the fly, a 1,000 hour chronograph, weather barometer, altimeter, altitude alarms and a hydration alarm.
  • Those activated by electricity are typically made of good heat conducting metals like aluminum or copper while those used in microwaves are commonly made of ceramic or hard, molded plastic or polyurethane.
  • The case and polyurethane strap come in black, white, teal and hot pink, but the most amazing thing about this watch is the "speed dial" that allows users to easily scroll through various modes.