Sentence Examples

  • Of the city is a monument to Sergeant Charles Floyd of the Lewis and Clark expedition, who died here in 1804; and 1 m.
  • The principal fields are in the " southern tier," from Wayne to Allen county, including Barren county; farther east, Knox county, and Floyd and Knott counties; to the north-east the Ragland field in Bath and Rowan counties on the Licking river.
  • John Floyd, Democrat.
  • John Buchanan Floyd, Democrat Joseph Johnson, Henry Alexander Wise, „ .
  • Floyd; and the pro-slavery party seems to have planned to try for union with the Confederacy, or to organize a Pacific Coast republic. Thomas Starr King (1824-1864), a Unitarian minister, was the heroic war-time figure of the city, the leader of her patriotism.