Sentence Examples

  • Their television show was so popular that it stayed on TV for 12 years, and sent Americans flocking to the local Arthur Murray dance studio in order to follow the lessons in person that they had become so fond of watching on TV.
  • Although subsequent films saw a decline at the box office, by the time The Dark Knight film was released in 2008, moviegoers were once again flocking to the theaters to see their favorite dark hero fighting crime.
  • Our officers were flocking in to look at him.
  • The war began in Massachusetts, troops from New England flocking to the neighbourhood of Boston almost spontaneously; but the resistance, if it was to be effective, must have the support of the colonies to the southward, and the Virginia colonel who was serving on all the military committees of Congress, and whose experience in the Braddock campaign had made his name favourably known in England, was the obvious as well as the politic choice.
  • Even now, when his authority was at its highest, when his fame filled the land, and the vast cathedral and its precincts lacked space for the crowds flocking to hear him, his enemies were secretly preparing his downfall.

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