Sentence Examples

  • 31 a strength of the flocks, great improvements in the quality and weight of fleeces, this item is likely to show permanent advancement.
  • Sheep were small and their fleeces light, nevertheless, owing to the meagreness of the yields of cereals' and the demand for wool for export, sheep-farming was looked to, as early as the 12th century, as the chief source of profit.
  • Its object was the acquisition of gold, which was caught by the inhabitants of Colchis in fleeces as it was washed down the rivers.
  • The alpaca and vicuña are smaller and weaker and have never been used for this service, but their fine, glossy fleeces were used by the Indians in the manufacture of clothing and are still an important commercial asset of the elevated table-lands of Peru and Bolivia.
  • The fleeces are sorted for colour and quality by skilled native women.

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