Sentence Examples

  • Children will continue to fine-tune their fine motor skills through adolescence with such activities as sports, crafts, hobbies, learning musical instruments, computer use, and even video games.
  • Because there are no weight stacks with set weights, using a hydraulic machine for resistance training allows you to fine-tune the resistance for your individual strength training level.
  • Since its release on the original Sony PlayStation, Reel Fishing has provided the photo-realistic environments with the ability to fine-tune your tackle with hundreds of options.
  • Flexibility - Dumbbells are able to adapt to work a variety of muscles, and are available in many different weight increments making it possible to fine-tune muscle development.
  • While it presents an extensive set of tools for you to record, edit and fine-tune your podcasts, Audacity does not provide anything to get you published to the web.